Smart Reset Door From Apex Takes Load Shedding In Its Stride

As the renewed wave of load shedding disrupts business in myriad ways, the Smart Reset Door from Apex Strip Curtains & Doors makes sure that access is not impeded when power unexpectedly goes out.

The Apex Smart Reset Door – popular in warehouses and industrial plants – is well equipped to deal with power failures and malfunctions. Ideal for openings up to two metres high and four metres wide, it can be opened from either side, thanks to a release lever.

Under normal conditions, its activation can be suited to the customer’s preference of remote control device, whether it be pressure-sensitive mats, induction loops, photocells or movement detectors. The door is reliably controlled by an electronic unit that complies with all requirements stipulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Another important feature that helps ensure minimum downtime for users is the door’s automatic ‘fix’ ability, especially for operations where it is common for sides to be dislodged by vehicles or objects passing through. In this design, there will be no damage to the flexible curtain. Instead, in the case of such contact, the side hinges will simply come off the guides with the curtain. A simple opening and closing technique then allows an automatic recovery of the door.

Safe operation has also been prioritised in the design, with an integral electronic safety device. This reverses the door automatically if an obstacle is detected during the closing of the door. Also, the speed at which the door opens and closes can be easily adjusted with the addition of an optional inverter system. This enhances both the safety of users passing through and the efficiency of their movement in and out.

Heavy duty design makes for long life and minimal maintenance. The door is reinforced throughout with interchangeable panel sections connected by extruded aluminium profiles. Along the bottom of the door, the material comprising the passive edge is both flexible and shock-proof. This means that the door is also protected from damage, adding to life-span.

Soft-start and soft-stop features also improve the door’s reliability and longevity by reducing stress on mechanical components. Durability is also a feature of the curtain, which is made of a Class 2 self-extinguishing polyester that can withstand very strong winds. Ensuring that the curtain has uniform rolling action is an electronic system that includes photocells inside the door’s casing.