Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions asked by current and future clients and have answered them for easy access.

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Q: I am looking for a curtain that has individual strips, that is sometimes found in butcheries?
This is known as a strip curtain
Q: Is there a standard sized strip curtain?
No, there is no standard size.  Strip curtains are custom made to fit each individual opening uniquely, therefore before we can assist, we need the measurements of your opening.
Q: How do I measure for a strip curtain?
You measure the inside width and height of the opening, this will help us to know what overlap to allow for the strip curtains.
(please ensure that you state whether the measurements given are opening sizes (i.e. we have to allow for an overlap) or actual sizes (i.e. that’s the size the curtain has to be as there is no space for overlap)
Q: What information is needed to quote?

For strip curtains:
- Size of the opening (i.e. width and height)
- Location (i.e. type of opening – freezer, warehouse, roller shutter, wash bay, kitchen, storeroom etc.)
- Function or purpose of the strip curtain
- Type of traffic passing through (i.e. pedestrians, trolley’s, forklifts etc.)
- Type of hanging (i.e. ceiling mount, shower mount, wall mount etc.)

For traffic doors:
- Size of the opening (i.e. width and height)
- Panel colour
- Type of frame (i.e. stainless steel, painted, powder-coated or galvanized)
- Type of bumpers (i.e. stainless steel kick plates, ABS kick plates or black spring bumpers)

For welding curtains:

- Type of welding curtain (i.e. yellow or blue strips OR yellow or blue sheets)
(please note that the strips either come complete with a galvanized bracket or on a standard 2m x 2m mobile frame, whereas the sheets either come on their own with eyelets and rope or with a standard 2m x 2m mobile frame)

Q: What size and colours do the strip curtains come in?
- 200mm wide x 2mm thick PVC (clear, yellow, black, red or blue)
- 300mm wide x 3mm thick PVC (clear, red or blue)
- 400mm wide x 4mm thick PVC (clear, black, red or blue)
Q: Can I order a strip curtain on a mounting bracket that can slide?
Yes – we have 2 types of sliding tracks:
a) ONE SIDED sliding track, where the entire strip curtain moves either to the left or to the right
b) BI-PARTING sliding track, where one half of the curtain moves to the left, and the other half to the right.
(please bear in mind that whatever the width of the opening is, the additional space needed for the sliding track has to be equivalent to that – i.e. if the opening is 1000mm, then the sliding track will be 2000mm, allowing the entire strip curtain to shift)
Q: How are the strips fastened and how do they overlap?
Each galvanized bracket comes complete with individual fascia plates which are removed, and the strips are put between the bracket and the fascia, in their respective spaces, making them overlap, then fastened with the nuts and bolts provided.  

The galvanized bracket is mounted either to the inside of the opening, or above the door opening to the wall.