High Speed Roll Up & Fold Up Doors

Quick and easy to open and beneficial where doorways need to be opened for limited periods of time to facilitate loading and offloading.

Apex High Speed Roll Up and Fold Up Doors

•       Rapid roll up door
•       Ideal for fast access in and out buildings
•       Modular door curtain for ease of repair in case of damage
•       Door sizes available up to 5000mm Wide x 5000mm High
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Smart Reset

•       Rapid roll up door
•       Self-repairing full door curtain
•       Simple, reliable and compact
•       Depending on door size, it can resist wind speeds of up to 120km.
•       Door sizes available up to 4500mm Wide x 4600mm High
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•       Rapid fold up door
•       Sturdy, dependable and modular – ideal solution for medium and large entrances
•       Ideally suited for windy environments
•       Door sizes available up to 8000mm Wide x 8500mm High
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Sequential Safety Barriers

•       Suitable for use with all high speed roll up and fold up doors
•       Greater safety
•       Reduces risk of damage due to collisions

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