Welding & Safety Screens

Made from specially formulated PVC material, protects workers against harmful UV radiation.

Apex Welding and Safety Screens
•       Heavy duty ultra-violet light absorber, creating a safer working environment
•       Suitable for workshop areas where welding, cutting and grinding operations take place
•       Packed in kit form and can be erected without the use of tools.
•       The material is impervious to burning should the material come into contact with welding splatter
•       Material has been tested for ultra-violet transmittance with readings of 0.005%, 0.001% and 0.05%
         allowing only 15% visible light
•       Available either on hanging galvanized hardware (strips ONLY) OR a standard 2m x 2m freestanding
         frame with wheels
•       Types of welding curtains available: yellow or blue strips or sheets.
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